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Organic Unrefined Non-Deodorized Extra Virgin Sesame Natural Oil

Article: 100 ml
Brand Agroselprom
Volume 3.4 oz (100ml)
Type Extra Virgin
Packing Glass bottle
Manufacturer Country Ukraine

Categories: Oils

Tags: Organic, Oils

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It is produced according to an ancient Japanese recipe solely by mechanical technique by the first cold-pressed procedure.

This gorgeous highly nutritious vegetable oil is made according to the latest vitamin-preserving technology from sesame seeds.

Sesame oil is widely used in Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Thai cuisine for deep-frying, salad dressings and sauces, for pilaf cooking. This oil gives the usual meal new taste and unique flavor. Sesame oil has very nice and delicate flavor with nuttiness and light yellow colour. It is worth noting that it has a very low temperature for "fuming". Therefore, in order not to lose all its beneficial properties, it is recommended to use it for dressing ready-made meals and salads.

Using this oil in cooking, you will not only give your meal incomparable flavor and aroma, but also ensure yourself a good health.

Sesame oil is a valuable food and excellent therapeutic product. It:

  • is effective in various lung diseases, dyspnea, asthma, dry cough;
  • is recommended for patients with diabetes;
  • increases the number of platelets and improves blood clotting;
  • contributes to weight loss in obesity and strengthens the body;
  • is recommended during treatment of increased gastric acidity;
  • prevents formation of blood clots, opens blockages;
  • helps in the gastro-intestinal colic, nephritis and pyelonephritis, nephrolithiasis;
  • is used for anemia, internal bleeding, hyperthyroidism;
  • controls acidity of the blood, increases acidity of the gastric juice;
  • compensates for the total body depletion, moistens the intestines, cleanses it from the motions: it contributes to its rapid excretion from the body;
  • helps with burning sensation during urination, purges with care;
  • is used as an anthelmintic;
  • it is proved that sesame oil increases the number of platelets, thus accelerating blood clotting, and therefore it is recommended to treat Werlhof’s disease, thrombocytopenic purpura, essential thrombocytopenia, bleeding diathesis;
  • is used in bodybuilding to increase muscle mass.

Sesame oil is considered one of the most beneficial plant oils:

Even a thousand and a half years BC, the Egyptians began to use oil made of sesame seeds as a medication. And the ancient people believed in its healing power so much that they considered it a symbol of immortality. And it is not for nothing. Of course, it does not give immortality, but its benefit for the human body is considerable. Indeed, the seeds and oil made of them are extremely rich in various minerals and vitamins necessary for normal human life. These are zinc, phosphorus, calcium, and in particular, vitamin E.

Lack of calcium inevitably affects our health and even our look. So, we eat cottage cheese and other dairy products, take calcium-containing medications, but do not guess that just one hundred grams of sesame seeds contain the daily requirement of calcium for an adult.

Eating seeds in a pure form, of course, is highly unlikely, but oil is an entirely different matter. After all, it preserves all the nutrients that it contains.

Medical studies have shown that, daily taking only one tablespoon of unrefined sesame oil can three times as much enrich the body with calcium. It is also rich in phosphorus and vitamin E. And it means that its use prevents development of various diseases of the nervous system, and the brain. And for the older people it is just rescue from disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Taking healing oil by a pregnant woman or a nursing mother not only as soon as possible will help to fill the shortage of nutrients and minerals in her body, but also will have a very positive impact on development and growth of a child. Furthermore, these useful substances of sesame oil are also antioxidants, slowing aging of living cells of the body.

It regulates the body's metabolism, which in turn, contributes to weight loss in obesity and, conversely, nourishes and restores the body in exhaustion. It is extremely useful and effective to take it for prevention and treatment of diseases such as asthma, arthritis, osteoporosis, pneumonia, anemia, heart disease, dyspnea, cough, liver and endocrine diseases.

Above all, it is an excellent dietary product, and unique therapeutic medication. In Japan, India, China, the use of sesame oil, both in medicine and in cooking is very widespread.

In ancient Eastern medicine, sesame seeds were considered almost a panacea for all ills. It must be said that modern scientific research has also confirmed that they are the perfect remedy for many diseases.

Sesame oil has nice smell and taste of nuts. In contrast to the seeds themselves, it can be stored for long time, and it does not become spoiled or rancid. And the most interesting is the fact that after a long time it does not lose its beneficial properties. This effect is achieved owing to the extra virgin technology, which we used in its manufacture.

Composition of sesame oil:

Sesame seed oil in the entire world is considered one of the most beneficial plant oils. And this fame is won due to its composition. Fat composition of sesame oil: OMEGA-3 (less than 0.2%), OMEGA-6 (45%), OMEGA-9 (41%), saturated fatty acid (palmitic acid, stearic acid) - about 14%. Vitamin composition of sesame oil: vitamin A, B1, B2, B3 (vitamin PP), B4, C, D, E (choline), K. Macro- and microelements in sesame oil: sesame seed oil is rich in iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, nickel, magnesium, copper, manganese and some other elements. But as for the content of calcium it simply has no equal - only 1 teaspoon of sesame oil contains the daily requirement of calcium, even for an adult. In addition to the abovenamed, composition of sesame oil contains beta-sitosterol, betaine, lecithin, resveratrol, sesamin (chloroform), sesamol, sesamolin, phytin, phytosterols and phospholipids.


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