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  • History of the famous Earl Grey tea, a habitué of English aristocratic saloons and essential part of five o’clock tea-drinking tradition is both mysterious and romantic.
  • Exciting play of the complex flavour notes in the bouquet of Delicate Keemun creates fine balance of taste and aroma characteristic of famous teas from the Chinese province of Anhoi.
  • Top-quality grades from the best plantations of North India are used for Greenfield Classic Breakfast. The pronounced rich flavour, mild aroma and strong refreshing effect make Greenfield Classic Breakfast an ideal choice for the morning tea.
  • Wonderful richness of the mild astringent taste of Kenyan tea is the specialty feature of the Greenfield Kenyan Sunrise. Festive brightness of the brew resembles glaring African sun that shines all year round over the mountainous district of Kericho where Greenfield Kenyan Sunrise is harvested.
  • Bright aroma and noble flavour of Ceylon tea have conquered the world. Original charm of the precious estate tea Greenfield Golden Ceylon lies in its balanced bouquet combining fine nuances with the powerful and full flavour that will bring true pleasure to tea connoisseurs.
  • Bright aroma and noble flavor of Ceylon tea have conquered the world. The unique charm of the precious estate tea Greenfield Premium Assam Black Tea lies in its balanced bouquet combining fine nuances with the powerful and full flavor that will bring true pleasure to gourmets. Tea bags for business people. Fast, reliable easy! Particularly from manufacturers of quality product!
  • Libresse Bodyform Classic Liners are basic liners suitable for everyday use for all kind of fluids. At great value, our Classic Liners are contain in packs of 40.
  • Bright jasmine aroma accentuates clean and refreshing flavour profile of the noble green tea from the Chinese province of Yunnan. Spring mood comes with every sip of Jasmine Dream
  • Babysanft HiPP Baby oil contains only natural oils - including ecological almond oil, so that it can be used from the first day of life. Oil is suitable for skin care, gentle cleansing surrounding pieluszkowych and gentle massage. Also nourishes the skin gently with a dry and rough, even in adults.
  • Sesame oil is widely used in Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Thai cuisine for deep-frying, salad dressings and sauces, for pilaf cooking. This oil gives the usual meal new taste and unique flavor. Sesame oil has very nice and delicate flavor with nuttiness and light yellow colour. It is worth noting that it has a very low temperature for "fuming". Therefore, in order not to lose all its beneficial properties, it is recommended to use it for dressing ready-made meals and salads.

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