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Super Jasmine Dream Greenfield Green Tea

Brand Greenfield
Collection Classic Collection
Country of Origin China
Packing Each tea bag individually packed
Manufacturer Country Ukraine

Categories: Tea

Tags: Tea, Greenfield, Green Tea

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Bright jasmine aroma accentuates clean and refreshing flavour profile of the noble green tea from the Chinese province of Yunnan. Spring mood comes with every sip of Jasmine Dream

Tea has never been treated in China as just a drink, it was always regarded as a touchstone for human virtue that can open up path to self-improvement and finest expressions of human soul. This sacred attitude lies at the heart of the ancient tradition to decorate tea – in an effort to underline the sophistication and importance of the ceremony tea was decorated with flowers of jasmine, lotus or plum. Chinese tea ceremony masters believed that flower petals enhanced tea image and brought with them pleasure not only to the palate but to the eye as well.

This ancient tradition is reflected in the famous traditional recipe of Chinese Jasmine tea. Today the original jasmine tea is produced only in the North-West of Yunnan province in the remote district separated from the rest of the country by numerous mountain chains covered with forests and cut with terraces.
Only there, on the slopes of the Southern spurs of Himalayas, Jasmine blossoming coincides with the first plucking of the famous Yunnan tea. Right after plucking tea leaves are cut into strips and slightly withered in the natural tree shadow. Then tea leaves are placed in bamboo baskets and dried above the open fire. Still hot tea leaves are mixed up with the equal quantity of just harvested jasmine petals and kept together for some time for tea to absorb all the beautiful aroma of Jasmine. The higher the grade of tea the better are the Jasmine flowers used and the more balanced is the combination of the perfect tea flavour and airy Jasmine aroma – as in Greenfield Jasmine Dream bringing to you spring recollections...


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