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Greenfield Golden Ceylon Black Tea

Brand Greenfield
Collection Classic Collection
Country of Origin Ceylon
Packing Each tea bag individually packed
Net weight 1.76 oz (25 x 2g)

Categories: Tea

Tags: Tea, Greenfield, Black tea, Ceylon tea

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“Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book.”
― Bill Watterson, The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book

Roundtable dear family and favorite tea in cups . What could be better than these precious moments of life.
Bright aroma and noble flavour of Ceylon tea have conquered the world. Original charm of the precious estate tea Greenfield Golden Ceylon lies in its balanced bouquet combining fine nuances with the powerful and full flavour that will bring true pleasure to tea connoisseurs.

As the legend has it, Adam found his refuge on the island of Ceylon after he had been expelled from paradise.However, it is rather difficult to believe in it because Old Testament God was not so kind as to send the outcast from one paradise to another. No European who came to Ceylon since the early 16th century ever doubted that the island is actually paradise on earth. Luxuriant vegetation and abundant animal world of the island persuade you further in it. However, a visit to Ceylon in the season of rains that are especially heavy in the inner part of the island may produce a completely different impression on an unlucky traveller. At the same time rains do no harm to Ceylon tea. On the contrary, they give to it its famous fresh flavour.

On the middle of 19th century the expression “Ceylon tea” would not stir a single feeling in the heart of an English - or any other - tea lover. The reason is simple: there was no Ceylon tea at that time as only coffee was grown at the numerous plantations in Sri Lanka. The coffee leaves disease called Hemeleya Vastatrix, discovered on the island in 1869 quickly put an end to the plantation owners income by completely destroying all coffee trees. However, this became the start of the golden age of Ceylon tea as tea plant turned out to be excellently suited to the hot tropical temperatures and mountainous terrain of the island.

Today tea bushes cover all plains and slopes in Sri Lanka. Tea cultivation is considered inexpedient only in the areas with slope angles over 50° and there one can still spot small strips of forest that had earlier covered the whole island. However, one should not think that the green carpet of tea spread over Ceylon mountains (they are often called exactly in this way: “tea mountains”) is one big plantation. It is broken into small estates and each owner tries his best to improve quality and flavour of the tea they grow. For this reason the bright aroma and noble flavour of black tea from Sri-Lanka each year invariably pleases tea lovers all around the world.


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