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Greenfield Delicate Keemun Best Collection

Brand Greenfield
Collection Classic Collection
Country of Origin China
Packing Each tea bag individually packed
Manufacturer Country Ukraine
Net weight 1.76 oz (25 x 2g)

Categories: Tea

Tags: Tea, Greenfield, Black tea

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“Surely a pretty woman never looks prettier than when making tea.”
― Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Lady Audley's Secret

Exciting play of the complex flavour notes in the bouquet of Delicate Keemun creates fine balance of taste and aroma characteristic of famous teas from the Chinese province of Anhoi.

About type of tea
The Chinese province of Anhoi, one of the so-called internal provinces, is located in the East of the country, in the lower part of the great river of Yangtze. For the people of China this place has special meaning as the mount of Tzyuhuashan - one of the four holy Buddhist mountains of China - is located here as well as the most beautiful mountains of Huangshan poetized by the great Chinese poet of the eighth century Li Bo.
However, beyond the Great Chinese Wall Anhoi province is famous for the great teas grown in this tea-producing area of China and first of all Keemun tea. Keemun is a wonderful tea. On one hand it is one of well-known sorts of the Chinese tea. On the other hand, it is one of the youngest and in contrast to other famous Chinese teas whose history dates back to ancient times we know its exact year of birth – 1875.
Exactly in this year in the life of Yui Tzyanchen, young Chinese mandarin (civil servant, in other words) took place a very unpleasant event. Without notice he was fired and left not only without money but also without prospects to take care of his future fortune. In such a situation many would submit to the ill will of fate but the young man demonstrated outstanding entrepreneurial wit. Talking to knowledgeable people Yui Tzyanchen found out that the British readily bought black tea produced in the province of Phutzyan and without delay he set out on the journey to that province. In Phutzyan province the might-have-been civil servant quickly mastered all the secrets of turning tea leaves into black tea and upon returning home he persuaded his father to start new business. So the production of black tea was started in the province of Anhoi that for many centuries had been famous for its wonderful sorts of green tea (named Keemun after the local dialect pronunciation of the town name - Tzimen - where the plantations were located).
Every year tea leaves are harvested four times. However, Keemun tea is never produced from the leaves of one crop. The technology expressly states that leaves of different crops have to be mixed. Maybe this is the secret of the original flavour of Greenfield Delicate Keemun that has rich ripe flavour with many complex notes and tender aroma with distinct honey and flower notes.


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